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राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान, सिक्किम National Institute of Technology Sikkim An Institute of National Importance, MoE Government of India



The institute has residential facilities for all students, even though the institute is running on temporary campus. Both boys and girls have been provided separate accommodation facility in different hostels.

Boys Hostel:

    There are a total of ten (10) boys hostel building in NIT Sikkim. Out of the nine buildings, six are within the campus while the remaining four are outside.
  • Prefab 1,2: This hostels have 2 floors consisting of 32 rooms (16 in each floor) each and has four washroom areas (2 in each floor). These hostels are occupied by an entire year of students each. The hostels also have a common room each. Prefab 1 also has the boy’s gym where the boy’s students and the faculty to keep themselves fit.
  • Boys hostel 3,4,5,6: These hostels buildings have 6 rooms each with attached bathroom and toilet. These four hostels are collectively occupied by a single year.
  • Boys hostel 10,11,12,13: These hostels are outside the College Campus and is occupied by the B-Tech first year and M-Tech Students. These hostels have several rooms with attached bathroom and toilet.

Girls Hostel:

  • All the girl’s hostels are buildings similar to boy’s hostel 3,4,5,6 with rooms having attached bathroom and toilet.
  • The newly admitted 1st year students are kept in separate hostels away from senior students to avoid ragging.
  • The occupancy of the rooms are decided based on the size of rooms and hostel. The rooms are airy, and receive enough sunlight with a beautiful view of snowy Himalayan peaks, like Mt. Narshinga and Mt. Kanchenjunga (World’s third highest peak).



Designation Name Contact Email
Student Welfare Dr. Sourav Mallick +91-7479013218

Chief Wardens & Proctors

Designation Name Contact Email
Chief Warden Dr. Ravi Srivastava +91-9647755490
Advisor & Mentor (Girls Hostel) Dr. Nidhi Govil --- ---


Hostel Name Designation Department Contact
BH1 Dr. Jai Gopal Gupta Warden ME +91 9414931979
BH1 Dr. Md. Sarfaraj Alam Ansari Warden CSE +91-9332342995
BH1 Dr. Abhishek Rajan Assistant Warden EEE +91 7576930181
BH2 Dr. Shambhunath Barman Warden ME +91-94328 91531
BH2 Dr. Nimai Charan Patel Warden EEE +91-9178684996
BH2 Dr. Bam Bahadur Sinha Warden CSE +91-9199610251
BH3 & BH4 Dr. Sumit Saha Warden CHEM +91 8697359987
Mess Warden Dr. Hemant Kathania Warden (Mess) ECE ---
Girls Hostel
GH 1-8 Dr. Richa Mishra Warden HSS ---
GH 1-8 Dr. Kirti Tiwari Warden ME +91- 7478141128
GH 1-8 Dr. Neelima Singh Warden (GH 1-8) ECE +91-8851369446
GH 1-8 Ms. Punam Singh Caretaker (GH 1-8) SWO +91-7076101779
Out Campus Hostel
OH 1-3 Dr. Jitendra Singh Warden ECE +91 8729098787
OH 1-3 Dr. Krishna Kumar Warden CSE +91-8095253170
OH 1-3 Dr. Ankit Bhardwaj Warden CE +91-9716132601