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The ECE Society ‘ANUVRAT’ has been established to motivate the students towards the research and development works in the field of Electronics and Communication. An environment of enthusiasm toward technology and innovation is promoted here for the young minds of NIT Sikkim to think out of the box and lead to new discoveries and inventions. The club aims to provide these young engineers a platform to put forward their ideas, innovations and thought processes to the world. We encourage them to prove their talents in the challenging arenas in this world of technological progression. The students here also equip themselves with the necessary technical skills required for making them as exemplary engineers. The club promises to develop technically competent engineers in electronics and communication by organizing various activities and events that support the students to excel in their career. The tagline of the club “Where innovation never ends…” symbolizes the continuing process of ‘learning and innovating’ at this club.



This club aims to promote and foster coding skills as well as a healthy competitive environment at the institute by providing adequate resources. It will help members in developing an aptitude for logical thinking and visualizing a problem from various perspectives and creating multiple innovative solutions..



Nirmaan, a departmental club of the civil engineering department established in 2016, focuses on bringing together the undergraduates of NIT Sikkim under one roof to exchange ideas, thoughts, and experiences. It was set up with the aim of providing the students with a platform to brainstorm, collaborate, and innovate by coming together and taking part in various events organized by the club. These events range from literary to sporting events, encompassing the overall development of the students.


Photography Club

The Photography Club functions to concede exceptional photographers who carve a prodigious path fro recording manifold scenic and gestures that fills one with emotions. The club does it best to make people recongnize the involutions of photography without making the facts of technical learning fuzzy, epitomizing the ethos of life in NIT Sikkim and propounding the art of unearthing the creation.

The Photography Club

The Regnant Ink

The Regnant Ink, the literary Club of NIT Sikkim was established in 2018, to enhance the overall development of a student with a shred of artistic insight.The Regnant Ink enriches the academic environment by fostering a community that celebrates and promotes the power of word and art.This magnificent platform assists students in sharpening their logical and analytical skills by emphasizing literature with different cultural and literary activities. The club brings up students and alumni on a common platform to promote academics, industrial and research collaboration with corporate house.

The Regnant Ink


With a necessity to establish a society for the young budding mechanical engineers in the institute, Yantrikaa was established in the year 2015. It is one of the three official departmental societies of the institute. The first batch of mechanical engineering (2014-2018) students, with an aim to develop the technical knowledge of the students in their core stream and also other curricular activities, established this society. The society is always striving hard to grow its roots longer and deeper so that it can be firm in the later stages of its advancement. It always aims at the overall development of the students of Mechanical engineering department. The society conducts many activities like Technical Quiz, debate, workshops, games where all the students can participate and show their talents thereby developing their overall profile. Vision: The society works with a vision to focus on the development of the young budding mechanical engineers of the institute in both their technical knowledge and other necessary activities.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation Cell

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Cell, NIT Sikkim is one of the centers of excellence that started operating from the initiation of National Institute of Technology Sikkim in the year 2010. The center aims to capture both formal and informal innovation of the students, faculity and the community at large in and around National Institute of Technology, Sikkim. The center is having an outreach programme to capture innovations at grassroot level as well as of the disciplines which can not be catered to by formal education in technology and engineering.

E and I

Web Development Cell

The Web Development Cell of NIT Sikkim comprisers student with expertise in various areas of Web development.The responsibilities of the cell include developing and maintaining Institute website creating web application,optimizing database, testing,working collaborating with other teams and ensuring alignment with organizational goals.The cell aims to provide a platform for citizen to access the website while fostering learning and web designing skills.


Training and Placement Cell

The Training and Placement Cell at NIT Sikkim operates as an indispensable bridge connecting academia with the industry, diligently striving to facilitate the professional growth and success of the students. It organizes diverse training programs, workshops and placement drive, fostering a conducive environment for professional development via strategic partnership,carefully crafted training in initiatives, and individualized career guidance, the cell promotes all en-compassing growth equipping student with the abilities to excel in dynamic world wide market.

Tranning and placemnet Cell