NIT Sikkim
  • राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान सिक्किम
  • National Institute of Technology Sikkim
  • An Institute of National Importance


    Innovation Cell


          Innovation Cell, NIT Sikkim is one of the centers of excellence that started operating from the initiation of National Institute of Technology Sikkim in the year 2010. The center aims to capture both formal and informal innovation of the students, faculity and the community at large in and around National Institute of Technology, Sikkim. The center is having an outreach programme to capture innovations at grassroot level as well as of the disciplines which can not be catered to by formal education in technology and engineering.

         The Innovation Cell initiated the effort to provide formal intellectual property protection to the various projects on innovation as submitted in the forums such as Abhiyantran. The center runs periodical meetings with students having such innovative projects in mind. It considers the possibility of enhancing the projects in the category of innovation or indeginiously developed customization of existing techniques. The selected projects are mentored to shape them into the domain of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary areas.

         The areas of innovation and research are not confined to any particular branch of engineering or technology. A significant value addition to the problems related to community and society is a priority. The geographical coverage is not even confined to Sikkim in particular but the whole of North-East region in general. The center provides state-of-the art infrastructure as well as updated mentorship for the development of such projects culminating in various kinds of intellectual properties such as patents, copyrights, etc.

         The center enjoys full support from National Innovation Foundation, a venture of Government of India to capture and protect inventions and innovations at every level. A culture of innovation has been developed to make the innovators think out of the box. It is further benifited by recently announced National Policy of Intellectual Property in May, 2016. The students of NIT Sikkim regularly submit their innovations to National Innovation Foundation and participate in innovation festivals conducted at Rashtrapati Bhavan every year. Some of the projects are submitted for further investigation to the various funding agencies such as DIT, DST, Ministry of Culture, NMEICT and National Himalayan Studies. The center also contributes toward community developments through Unnat Bharat Plan and scientific lifestyle development of local community (as per scheme of Department of Atomic Energy).

    For more infomation please contact:

    Dr. Anjan Kumar Ray
    Chairperson Innovation Cell