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Dr. Md. Nurujjaman

Designation: Assistant Professor

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National Institute of Technology Sikkim,
Barfung Block,
Ravangla Sub-Division
South Sikkim - 737 139


Research: 3 Years (postdoc)
Teaching: 9 years


  1. Engineering Physics
  2. Solid state device
  3. Foundation of programming
  4. Basics Electrical Sciences


PhD (2009): Homi Bhabha National Institute, BARC, India.
Work Carried out at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, India.
Post MSc (2003): Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, India.
MSc (2002): Jadavpur University, India.

Areas of Interest

Echonophysics, Experimental nonlinear dynamics, Data assimilation

Publications & Extras

  1. Implementation of Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter based Data Assimilation system in ROMS model using ARGO data.PI-Dr. Md. Nurujjaman, SERB, DST (completed)
  2. Innovative and sustainable decision support system for drinking water security in Indian Himalayan Region of Sikkim and West Bengal, NATIONAL MISSION ON HIMALAYAN STUDIES, GBPNIHESD, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Dr. D. P. Bal, Dr. Md. Nurujjaman, Dr. Barun Thakur, and Dr. Debnath. (ongoing)

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  2. A Mahata, A Rai, M Nurujjaman, O Prakash, D Prasad Bal, Characteristics of 2020 stock market crash: The COVID-19 induced extreme event, Chaos 31 (5), 053115, 2021.
  3. A Ghosh, AK Ray, M Nurujjaman, M Jamshidi, Voltage and frequency control in conventional and PV integrated power systems by a particle swarm optimized Ziegler- Nichols based PID controller, SN Applied Sciences 3 (3), 1-13, 2021.
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