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Dr. Om Prakash

Designation: Assistant Professor

Email :

Mobile : 9002521849

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Faculty Room-3,
Academic Block,


1 year


Mathematics-III(MA2001) (Probability and Statistics)
Mathematics-I (MA1001)(Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus)


M.Sc.(2007)- Banaras Hindu University Varanasi
PhD.(2013)-Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Areas of Interest

Production Planning and Inventory Control (Operational Research)

Publications & Extras

1. A.Goswami, G.C. Mahanta and Om Prakash, Optimal retailer replenishment decisions in the EPQ model for deteriorating items under two level trade credit finance, International Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research, Vol-2,No-1, pp-17-39 (Inderscience Publishers).

2. Om Prakash, A R Roy and A Goswami, Stochastic manufacturing mode with process deterioration and machine breakdown. International Journal of system science. (SCI-journal, Impact Factor -0.991, Taylors & Francis)

3. Om Prakash, A R Roy and A Goswami, Manufacturing model with discrete random machine breakdown and discrete stochastic preventive and corrective repair time, International Journal of Procurements Managements Vol 6, no 4, 394-406, (Inderscience Publishers).