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Our Department is Probably at the Highest Altitude Chemistry Department in the Nation

Mission:   The mission of the department is to train the next generation leading engineers from the materialistic view to make great engineering equipments, which can never be succeeded without Renaissance chemistry.

From Head of the Department’s Desk:

    The Department of chemistry is an integral part of National Institute of Technology Sikkim since its commencement in the 2010. Initially, it was as a supporting department, but from 2017 we have initiated the master degree (M. Sc.) program in Chemistry. Enthusiastic faculties of the department are actively engaged in teaching and cutting-edge research. Currently department train chemistry theory and laboratory course to different engineering branches of B. Tech as well as M. Sc. (Chemistry). Our faculty members presently are engaged in supervising diverse major projects funded by various national funding agencies, like, DST, DBT, etc., with diverse frontiers problems in the area of chemistry. At present our chemistry department have six faculty members along with six doctorate students and fifteen students in master degree program
       The under graduate engineering students get an opportunity to have fundamental knowledge in all fields of chemistry as well as we train them to have a correlation of chemistry as well as various engineering subjects. The lecture courses cover the general areas of inorganic, organic and physical chemistry, Laboratory experiments are provided to the undergraduate students in broad area of inorganic and organic synthesis, physical and analytical methods. Based on the similar philosophy of teaching, we try at our level best to give the ultra modern teaching facilities as well as keep the students updated in the current research.
      In parallel to teaching we are actively involved in independent and original work is stressed in the laboratories and modern equipment are available to carry out the work and have collaboration in the national and global level. Modern instrumental techniques are available for the post-graduate students, which include UV-Visible, IR, Rotary evaporators, cyclic voltammetry. Laboratories are fitted with fume hoods. In addition, special arrangements can be made to use many specialized research techniques available in the campus. We have organized series of seminars by leading professors and scientists and National level symposium, like, National Symposium on Recent Trends and Perspectives in Chemistry. Bharat Ratna Prof. C. N. R. Rao was the Chief Guest in the recently held RTPC 2015 organised by the Department. Additionally, our faculties are actively involved in significant outreach programs, like, Inspired Research (INSPIRE) science camp. The students and research scholars gets access of different research Journal portals and SciFinder to update themselves about the advance research.
The first batch students are presently involved in various leading research laboratories in India.

Dr. Taraknath Kundu
Head of Chemistry Department