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Web Development Cell

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Dhananjay Tripathi
He is the person who taught this group of students how to work as a team. His main focus from the start was to inculcate professionalism among the members of this web development cell. He is a big reason behind the outcome of this website as you see today.
Mr. Banavath Balaji Naik
He supported the team throughtout the development process, giving feedbacks and inputs every step of the way. Be it design, code or graphics , he was there to help everyday.

Executive Members

Vishal Sharma
Technical Team
(CSE-Batch of 2017)
He has been the backbone of the team. He is the guy who can code his way through anything. Coding is his bread and butter.
Saroj Sharma
Technical Team
(CSE-Batch of 2017)
He has worked a great deal in maintaining the backend for the website. The technical team is incomplete without him.
Aurunima Samaddar
Technical Team
(ECE-Batch of 2018)
She has worked a great deal in implementing the KIC website to life. Her sincerity and dedication gives her an edge over others and makes her learn faster.
Deepansh Rastogi
Concept Development
(CSE-Batch of 2017)
He put a lot of effort in setting up the look and feel of the KIC website. He is actually the creative types in the team. He spent hours coming up with the right combinations and designs for the website.
Jyoti Kumari
Concept Development
(CSE-Batch of 2017)
She is the one who envisioned the design of the KIC website. She spent a great deal of time researching and coming up with innovative concepts to implement on this website.
Avipriyo Biswas
Content Development
(CSE-Batch of 2017)
He also worked in the content department and developed the content from its raw form and made it suitable for the KIC website.
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